5 Healing Crystals and what you need to know about their energy

Since the beginning of time crystals have always been used for their energetic properties. Each stone has a unique elemental connection to the chakras of your body with the ability to enhance their individual powers. Here is a quick run through some of the most commonly used crystals and their properties. Crystals have the ability to heal and bring abundance and prosperity.

The ALIGNE way of life encourages you to explore these stones and their benefits to manifest a greater world for yourself.


Energizing / Invigorating / Revitalizing 
Powers: Use this crystal for clarity of the mind.
When to use: This master healing stone has many benefits but most associated with rejuvenation & gaining clarity.


Unconditional Love / Compassion / Forgiveness
Powers: Helps to calm and enhances the creation of balance and patience.
When to use: The Amethyst crystal amplifies your understanding and consciousness.


Protector / Grounding / Strength
Powers: This Stone helps to express your true feelings and emotions.
When to use: when in deep healing & on the path of self-discovery.


Love / Affection / Peace 
Powers : It aids in the receiving of love and balances your
When to use: To connect with pure emotion & self love.


Calming / Shielding /Healing  
Powers: Clears blocked and negative energy.
When to use: This crystal helps in relieving fear, self-doubt and nervous energy.


To clean your crystals of impurity run through salt water or smudge with sage.

We recommend you wear our White Kitty dress for your rituals with crystals. White is a reflecting color. It signifies purity and peace. The pockets make it a perfect piece to hide away your little gems.

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