10 ways to align yourself while in lockdown.

As an entrepreneur I always have multiple things going on all at once. Being creative director of a fashion label I find it particularly hard to focus and get creative after having had time at home to reach my obligations at leisure. Now that the lockdown is reinforced in India I felt the need to write this blog on 10 ways you can align yourself back into the frame of mind to work from home. I am going to share my daily routine tricks which makes for an easier way to motivate yourself whilst in the lockdown. 

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Here are a few simple things you can do to feel better about your day and be more mindful and align yourself in the preset moment :

  • SET A TIME TO WAKE UP EVERYDAY – By setting a specific time your body clock automatically tunes itself to expect the same result each day. This makes your waking up easier and more in line with having a well-timed day.
  • TAKE 10 MINUTES OUT TO MEDITATE – I find a 10 minute meditation to center myself. It helps just be more calm and relaxed. Try to use a guided meditation or sit with your thoughts. By sitting with what you are thinking and feeling you’re honoring the emotion and it weighs less on you through the course of the day. I find Deepak Chopra online meditations useful. 
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  • MAKE A BREAKFAST MENU – Plan your Breakfast meal the night before so you have something to look forward to in the morning starting off your day on a high note. Savour your morning, as each day is not the same. 
  • HAVE A LIST OF 3 GOALS FOR THE DAY – Make sure they are short points that are achievable. By doing this you enforce positive recognition which brings up your vibration. In doing so you are more likely to complete bigger more arduous tasks at work in a more effective way.
  • USE AFFIRMATIONS – Keeping it simple by putting a post-it on your bathroom wall is a great way to start. I like simple affirmations like ‘I embrace change effortlessly’, ‘I choose to look at the beauty life has to offer’ and ‘My life force flowers in balance with all things’. by saying, hearing or writing a powerful affirmation, you manifest it into your brain over and over again until you actually believe the words and play it into action, this works on a subconscious level as well. 

  • WORK OUT FOR 20 MINUTES EVERYDAY – Even if its going for a short walk the movement of your body produces dopamine which leads to you feeling lighter and brighter. As the old adage says, exercise is the most underused antidepressant. 
  • LISTEN TO UPBEAT POSITIVE MUSIC – I start my day with David bowies - Golden years. I find that upbeat music helps me set a mood for my day which is much appreciated. Music has a strong effect on the human psyche which is why it is proven to help improve your feelings from a natural state of anxiety.  
  • GRATITUDE JOURNAL – Appreciate the evening time wind down with a short list of 3 things you were grateful for. Being more appreciative and grateful of each day makes for a more fulfilling life.


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  • De CLUTTER WHAT YOU DON’T NEED – Marie Kondo your way through your personal space. Getting rid of an unnecessary clutter helps create a more calming environment and is an instant way to readjust your mind. 
  • DON’T WASTE TIME MULLING OVER THINGS YOU CAN’T CONTROL - Overthinking is often what leads to more despair, since we live in times of such immense uncertainty it is only natural to do so. But rather than overanalysing try and be more present with your thoughts. Being more in the moment makes you spiritually attuned. 
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  • DON’T DELAY WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY - Tackling things in small measures, head on - makes for a freer mind. Avoiding things only causes more chaos into a busy life. By breaking up your duties into smaller attainable goals and addressing each task at hand you are effectively able to glide through your day with more ease. 

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